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Sharon Quirk-Silva 2014

Sharon Quirk-Silva

sharon quirk-silva stands up for women's health

Why does Community Action Fund of Planned Parenthood Orange and San Bernardino Counties know that they can count on Sharon Quirk-Silva to stand up for women's reproductive healthcare? Quirk-Silva has a 100% record of standing up for the smart pro-women's-health public policies supported by Planned Parenthood Affiliates of California.

When women are wondering - who supports birth control access and opposes allowing bosses to interfere in birth control coverage? Who can I count on to support medically accurate sex education for my local schools? Who will stand up for protecting reproductive healthcare services? The answer is: Sharon Quirk-Silva

more About Sharon Quirk-Silva

Assemblymember Sharon Quirk-Silva is an independent leader and problem-solver who works with members of both parties to get things done for our communities. A former Fullerton mayor, she ran for the Assembly because she was fed up with partisan bickering and gridlock. During her first term in the Assembly she has brought people together to find common sense solutions. 

Already in her first term Sharon Quirk-Silva has helped balance the budget for the first time in years to help ensure we have a rainy day fund for bad times, pay down our debts, and bring more transparency and accountability to state government. Quirk-Silva is also putting middle class jobs first. She is fighting to reduce income inequality for women and to raise the minimum wage so people can support their families.

As a teacher and mother, Quirk-Silva knows that growing our economy and creating jobs means putting education first. She has fought to protect neighborhood schools from budget cuts, worked to reduce class sizes, fought to make college more affordable, and strengthened job-training programs to prepare students for good-paying jobs.

Local police and firefighters support Quirk-Silva because of her strong record fighting for safer communities. She believes we need to be smarter on crime by being tough on violent criminals while investing in youth violence and gang prevention to keep our youth in school and off the streets. While in the Assembly, she has focused on reducing domestic violence and human trafficking.

Sharon Quirk-Silva has established a solid track record as a strong voice for women. She supports equal pay for equal work, believes in a woman’s right to choose and supports guaranteed access to birth control in all health insurance plans. And, she supports full funding for critical family planning services and preventive care including cancer screenings.

Assemblymember Sharon Quirk-Silva is a champion for women and families.

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