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2015 State Assembly Legislative Scorecard

Planned Parenthood Affiliates of California advocates on a number of legislative and regulatory issues that impact reproductive health, women’s health and rights, sexual health education, access to affordable and quality health care. The PPAC Legislative Scorecard is designed to provide the public with information about how their state legislators voted on bills on these important issues. Below are the bills that represented PPAC’s highest priorities in 2015 and the rating for each legislator based on their votes.

Office Holder



Katcho Achadjian (R) 35 17%
Luis Alejo (D) 30 100%
Travis Allen (R) 72 0%
Toni Atkins (D) 78 100%
Catharine Baker (R) 16 29%
Frank Bigelow (R) 5 20%
Richard H. Bloom (D) 50 100%
Susan Bonilla (D) 14 100%
Rob Bonta (D) 18 100%
William P. Brough (R) 73 0%
Cheryl Brown (D) 47 100%
Autumn R. Burke (D) 62 100%
Ian Calderon (D) 57 100%
Nora Campos (D) 27 100%
Ling-Ling Chang (R) 55 27%
Ed Chau (D) 49 100%
Rocky Chávez (R) 76 45%
David S. Chiu (D) 17 100%
Kansen Chu (D) 25 100%
Ken Cooley (D) 8 50%
Jim Cooper (D) 9 100%
Matthew Dababneh (D) 45 100%
Brian Dahle (R) 1 17%
Tom Daly (D) 69 100%
Bill Dodd (D) 4 100%
Susan Talamantes Eggman (D) 13 100%
Jim L. Frazier Jr. (D) 11 100%
Beth Gaines (R) 6 17%
James M. Gallagher (R) 3 0%
Cristina Garcia (D) 58 100%
Eduardo Garcia (D) 56 100%
Mike Gatto (D) 43 100%
Mike A. Gipson (D) 64 100%
Jimmy Gomez (D) 51 100%
Lorena Gonzalez (D) 80 100%
Richard S. Gordon (D) 24 100%
Adam Gray (D) 21 100%
Shannon L. Grove (R) 34 17%
David Hadley (R) 66 17%
Matthew Harper (R) 74 0%
Roger Hernández (D) 48 100%
Chris Holden (D) 41 100%
Jacqui V. Irwin (D) 44 100%
Brian W. Jones (R) 71 27%
Reggie Jones-Sawyer (D) 59 100%
Young O. Kim (R) 65 14%
Tom W. Lackey (R) 36 27%
Marc Levine (D) 10 100%
Eric F. Linder (R) 60 17%
Patty Lopez (D) 39 100%
Evan Low (D) 28 100%
Brian Maienschein (R) 77 57%
Devon J. Mathis (R) 26 20%
Chad J. Mayes (R) 42 17%
Kevin McCarty (D) 7 100%
Jose Medina (D) 61 100%
Melissa Melendez (R) 67 17%
Kevin Mullin (D) 22 100%
Adrin Nazarian (D) 46 100%
Jay P. Obernolte (R) 33 17%
Patrick O'Donnell (D) 70 100%
Kristin M. Olsen (R) 12 17%
Jim Patterson (R) 23 0%
Henry T. Perea (D) 31 100%
Bill Quirk (D) 20 100%
Anthony Rendon (D) 63 100%
Sebastian Ridley-Thomas (D) 54 100%
Freddie Rodriguez (D) 52 100%
Rudy Salas (D) 32 50%
Miguel Santiago (D) 53 100%
Marc Steinorth (R) 40 17%
Mark Stone (D) 29 100%
Tony Thurmond (D) 15 100%
Philip Y. Ting (D) 19 100%
Donald Wagner (R) 68 18%
Marie Waldron (R) 75 9%
Shirley Weber (D) 79 100%
Scott Wilk (R) 38 29%
Das Williams (D) 37 100%
Jim Wood 2 100%

Description of Scored Legislation

Sexual Health Education – SUPPORT, Co-sponsored by PPAC
AB 329 (Weber): This law fixes gaps in current law around HIV prevention and sexual health education in California’s public schools. Specifically, AB 329 brings HIV curriculum up to date and requires schools to provide comprehensive sexual health education that promotes healthy relationships, prevents unplanned pregnancies, and is inclusive of all sexual orientations and genders. Status: Signed into law.

Medi-Cal Restoration and Funding– SUPPORT
AB 366 (Bonta), AB 1396 (Bonta), SB 243 (Hernandez), SB 591 (Pan), and SBx2-14 (Hernandez): This package of bills would restore the 10 percent cuts made to Medi-Cal provider reimbursement rates in 2011, create an enhanced primary care rate at the state level, and increase Medi-Cal provider rates. These efforts aim to reverse the chronic underfunding of the Medi-Cal program. Status: Two year and special session bills.

Crisis Pregnancy Centers: Notices to Patients– SUPPORT
AB 775 (Chiu): This law allows California women to receive the facts they need to make well-informed decisions regarding their pregnancy. This bill requires licensed facilities that provide pregnancy-related care to advise a client, at the time of her visit, of the various publicly funded family planning and pregnancy-related resources available in California, and how to directly access these resources. Status: Signed into law.

Hospital Transfer Agreements – SUPPORT, Sponsored by PPAC
AB 1177 (Gomez, Burke, & Low): This law deletes an obsolete requirement that primary care clinics enter into a transfer agreement with a local hospital as a condition of licensure. Under existing law a hospital with a moral objection could refuse to sign a transfer agreement and bring a clinic's license application to a halt. Status: Signed into law.

Abortion Coverage in Health Plans– OPPOSE
AB 1254 (Grove): This bill would have removed the current requirement that health plans include abortion as a covered benefit. Furthermore, AB 1254 would have prohibited the Department of Managed Health Care, which oversees health plans, from denying, suspending, or revoking a health plan's license if they excluded abortion coverage. Status: Failed passage.

Streamlining Clinic Billing & Reimbursements in Medi-Cal – SUPPORT, Sponsored by PPAC
SB 447 (Allen): This bill would streamline the complex formula that community clinics must follow to bill for services and get reimbursed by the Medi-Cal program for drugs and miscellaneous supplies dispensed on site. This bill aims to prevent billing errors that clinics and the state spend enormous resources and time correcting. Bill was amended to another subject, but no votes were cast on that version. Status: Two year bill.

Telehealth, Self-Reporting Tools – SUPPORT, Sponsored by PPAC
SB 464 (Hernandez): This law allows patients the use of self-reporting tools, to measure blood pressure and weight, in order for a licensed health care provider to prescribe or dispense hormonal contraceptives via telehealth methods. Using these tools in mobile and web-based technologies will increase access to hormonal contraception. Status: Signed into law.

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