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2013 Assemblymember Scorecard

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Assemblymember Name

Assemblymember Travis Allen (R)

Report Card for Assembly District 72

Scored Bills Votes Aligning with PPAC/Opportunities to Vote
AB 154 0/3
AB 980 0/3
AB 900 --
AB 599 --
ABx1 0/2
SB 138 0/1
SB 340 0/1
SBx1 0/2
SB 77 0/2
Score 0%


* = Excused Absence (won't be counted against the member)
-- = Not Applicable (no votes taken)

Votes Aligning with PPAC/Opportunities to Vote: the first number indicates the number of votes taken which aligned with Planned Parenthood Affiliates of California policy positions and the second number indicates the number of opportunities the member had to vote on that legislation.

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Scored Bills

AB 154 (Author: Atkins): Access to Early Abortion Care

Authorizes Nurse Practitioners (NPs), Certified Nurse Midwives (CNMs) and Physicians Assistants (PAs) to provide early and safe abortion care under the terms of their licenses. PPAC sponsored AB 154, which passed and was signed into law.

AB 980 (Author: Pan) Removing Abortion Restrictions from Building Standards

Requires all primary care clinics in California to be held to the same building standard, even those providing abortion services. PPAC sponsored AB 980, which passed and was signed into law.

SB 340 (Author: Jackson) Reproductive Rights Law Enforcement Act

Eliminates the sunset clause of the Reproductive Rights Law Enforcement Act, providing an enforcement mechanism for anti-reproductive rights crimes. PPAC supported SB 340, which passed and was signed into law.

SB 138 (Author: Hernandez): Confidential Medical Services

Clarifies state law and regulations to help protect the confidentiality of health services accessed by insured dependants. PPAC supported SB 138, which passed and was signed into law.

SB 640 (Author: Lara) and AB 900 (Author: Alejo): Provider Rates

Would eliminate reductions in payments to Medi-Cal providers that were passed in June 2011. PPAC supported SB 640 and AB 900 as originally introduced - SB 640 and AB 900 were both held in committee.

ABx1 (Author: Perez) and SBx1 (Author: Hernandez): Medi-Cal Eligibility

Expands Medi‐Cal eligibility for low‐income, childless adults and simplifies Medi‐Cal eligibility rules as required under the Affordable Care Act (ACA). PPAC supported ABx1 and SBx1, which passed and were signed into law.

AB 599 (Author: Donnelly) and SB 312 (Knight): Parental Consent and Notification

AB 599 would have required parental consent for minors seeking medical care for the prevention of sexually transmitted diseases. SB 312 would have prevented teens under the age of 16 from leaving school to seek confidential medical services without parental notification. PPAC opposed both AB 599 and SB 312 and both failed passage.

SB 77 and AB 82: Anti-Abortion State Budget Amendments

Three amendments were proposed to two state budget health “trailer” bills (SB 77 and AB 82) that would have: 1) required parental consent before a minor can access abortion care; and 2) prohibited use of state funds if an abortion is intended for sex selection. PPAC opposed these budget amendments. All three amendments failed.

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