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Why I Vote


Have you ever stopped to think about why you vote? Sure, it’s generally accepted that citizens of a society ‘should’ vote, but what actually pushes us to do so? Turns out, we here at PPAC vote for a variety of reasons, here are some of them:

“I vote because it's my right and my responsibility to choose leaders and representatives that will make decisions on issues that are important to me and that impact the lives of me and my family.”Cyndi from @PPActionCA

“Voting is the cornerstone of democracy!” – Kathy from @PPActionCA

“When I was little, my mom took me with her to vote for every election – we would drive 15 minutes down a long country road to a small volunteer fire fighter station which was our local polling place way out in the country. My mom taught me that voting is mandatory – without voting, we are not really a democracy, and we are not really behaving as citizens of our country. Voting is being part of something bigger than each of us individually, something that we all create together in this country that values freedom – and I want to be part of it!” – Kristin from @PPActionCA

“Because it was never a choice. It’s the way I was raised. If you don’t (vote), you can’t bitch.” - Ana from @PPActionCA

“Voting is the foundation on which our democracy was built. By expanding access though suffrage and the Voting Rights Act it is also the way we have made our democracy the greatest in human history. In short, voting makes us better as a nation and our communities stronger. It’s not perfect and is often problematic but without it we are not, who we are.” – Kathleen from @PPActionCA

“I vote to feel like I’m heard. To be active in what’s going on around me.” – Shaquet from @PPActionCA

“Because it’s my civic duty. If you don’t vote, you don’t get to complain. And I love to complain.” – Lauren from @PPActionCA

“I vote for several reasons. I vote for the future of women’s health and rights. I vote because it’s important for me to have a voice for those who don’t. I vote because I’m making decisions that impact my kids’ immediate future. And I vote because it’s my right to do so.” – Myeva from @PPActionCA

“I vote because there are millions of people around the world who will never get the chance to vote in a democratic election. I want to make sure that I never take my right to vote for granted.” – Erica from @PPActionCA

“Because I think we should actually be involved citizens and it’s one of our duties as citizens in a democratic society. I vote because I think it’s important to invest in our communities and this is one way of putting that into practice.” – Brianna from @PPActionCA

Are you ready to vote on Nov 4?

Here are a few of our tips to help you vote successfully:

  1. Make a plan. Will you vote by mail or will you go to your local polling place?
  2. What time of day will you go to the polls? Before work, after dropping your kids off at school? Make sure to schedule it into your day.
  3. Tell people you are voting - maybe even help a friend make it to the polling place! Telling people you are going to do something makes you much more likely to do it.
  4. Go vote! Make it a habit, not a chore

Not sure who you want to vote for?

Learn more about where candidates stand on women's health and locate your polling place information on the PP Action Voter Guide!

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