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Voting, then and now.

September 12, 2016 | Get Out The Vote, Voter Registration
My Vote My Voice / Mi Voto Mi Voz

Being able to raise your voice and VOTE matters – if you aren’t yet registered, or have moved and need to re-register at your new address, use this handy Online Registration Form tool from California Planned Parenthood Education Fund that is powered by Rock the Vote!

When I was a kid I lived out in the country, far from any convenient polling stations. My mom always took time to vote, even with our very hectic schedule. She always took me to the polls with her, driving down a long windy road to a volunteer firefighter station. That polling place from three decades ago had some mostly-broken folding tables, and smelled a little musty, but it also had something extremely special – the ability for my mom to raise her voice, and cast her vote on things that mattered to her.

These days voting is so much easier for me than it was when my mom took me to the polls those three decades ago - as a ‘vote by mail’ voter, my convenient voting packet and ballot can be filled out in the comfort of my home and then I just drop it in the mail! So simple. If you think voting by mail would be convenient for you, make sure to pick that option when you fill out your registration form – it’s easy.

Register to vote today!

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