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Sea Change Report highlights stigma challenges and support opportunities to inform how we can better support young families!

2015 NoTeamShame


If you are at all familiar with Planned Parenthood, you know that we are deeply committed to ensuring that each woman is able to make decisions regarding her own body, based on what is best for her. Just as important as respecting a woman’s abortion is respecting a woman’s choice to give birth and parent, or to choose adoption – all decisions are deserving of respect!

Our communities include many young women choosing to parent and all families in the community deserve respect and support. And even more so, we understand the painful stigma that young parents experience and face each day.

Fortunately, our friends at the Sea Change Program, an organization committed to reducing cultural stigma around abortion and other reproductive experiences, just released their report on how pregnant and parenting youth experience and combat stigma – this report is part of an ongoing effort to inform and enlighten the public discourse on young families in the collective work toward #NoTeenShame.

The report covers everything from the personal and observed experiences of young families and the challenges they face, as well as multi-level strategies for creating culture change.

We encourage you to check out the full report here.

Thank you, Sea Change, for your commitment to empowering young families around the country

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