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Why I support SB 1053, the Contraceptive Coverage Equity Act


As a female in my twenties, I’ve had numerous conversations with friends over the years about birth control. While I kick it old school, taking the pill every morning, I have friends who have tried an array of methods from pills, to depo, to IUDs.

Though our preferred method might not be the same, we all have one thing in common: we’ve tried a variety of options before figuring out what method worked best for us. And now that we’ve found it, we naturally want to keep using it.

Fortunately, this has worked out great for me. The brand I prefer is available from my pharmacy at no cost, thanks to a combination of things – the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and Kaiser’s formulary (a list of medicines the health provider is willing to provide at no cost). Sadly, not all health plans will include a woman’s preferred method of contraception.

This is a result of something known as ‘medical management.’ While the goal of the ACA contraceptive mandate was to allow for women to access no-cost birth control, it isn’t happening across the board. And for a woman who already knows what works best for her based on her lifestyle and health needs, jumping through barriers with her health provider is not only risky, but also a waste of time.

That is why I support SB 1053, the bill introduced by Senator Holly Mitchell which will ensure that the intent of the Contraceptive Coverage Equity Act is fulfilled; assuring women access to the full range of FDA approved birth control methods.

SB 1053 is in the final stages of the legislative process. The next major hurdle is in early August, when the bill will be heard in the Assembly Appropriations Committee – the committee responsible for determining whether or not the state is able to afford implementing the legislation.

I don’t think the state can afford not to.

If you agree, join me in supporting SB 1053. Together, we can make sure the bill finds its way to the governor’s desk. Stay informed by joining our email list - we'll keep you updated about ways to take action on this and other bills impacting women's health.

In health,
Erica at PPAC

Interested in learning more about the bill? See the full bill language for SB 1053.

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