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The Sacramento Bee features Kathy Kneer, Reproductive Justice Champion of California

Kathy Kneer speaks.

"It's not impossible if you don't know it's possible."

You've already heard the news: Kathy Kneer is retiring from her position as President and CEO of Planned Parenthood Affiliates of California, handing the reigns to our exciting new CEO, Crystal Strait. But don't think Kathy didn't leave behind a legacy so large that not even a fictional TARDIS could contain it. From her teens to retirement, read more about Kathy's impact on reproductive justice and health for all in California in this Sac Bee article, "The woman who made California a national leader on Planned Parenthood." #SheInspiresMe

"Though she has been an institution in Sacramento, Kathy Kneer is not a household name for most Californians. Pregnant women don’t think of her when the state issues some new warning on pesticides and birth defects. Young women don’t gratefully murmur her name when they swing by their neighborhood Planned Parenthood for free contraception and an STD test.

But they should. Pound for pound, Kneer has had as much as any politician to do with the extent to which California women can take family planning and good prenatal care for granted. She’s also a testament in these changing times to the way real change really happens – not overnight, but bit by bit, year by year, step by step."

Read more at The Sac Bee >>

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