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Repro Health News Roundup!


With all the #Stormaggeddon talk about #Hellastorm making landfall in California, you were probably too busy running for cover from the rain and watching out for floods to read up on the latest Reproductive Health news this week! We’ve got you covered:

Dec 12: “The Pill Remains Most Common Method of Birth Control, U.S. Report Shows” on HealthDay

While the pill, sterilization, and condoms remain highly popular methods of birth control for women, the IUD and implants (both long-acting reversible contraceptives) were also popular with 7.2% of women using them.

Dec. 11:Anti-abortion ‘heartbeat bill’ dies in Ohio House” on

Common sense prevails as Ohio House rejects "Heartbeat Bill" that could have banned abortion as early as six weeks!

Dec 10:Women’s Health Car Under Attack: Sneak Preview of 2015” by Cecile Richards on HuffPost

(Note: Ohio bill is mentioned here, this is the same bill that failed to move forward, linked above!) – Cecile Richards covers important ways that Planned Parenthood Action Fund is gearing up in states all across the country to push back against harmful legislation and protect access to reproductive healthcare.

 Stay safe out there in the CA rain,
Kristin at PPAC

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