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Rally in Santa Barbara to protest SCOTUS Hobby Lobby Ruling

Santa Barbara Rally on Hobby Lobby Ruling

In response to the disappointing Hobby Lobby Supreme Court ruling issued on Monday, Planned Parenthood Action Fund of Santa Barbara, Ventura & San Luis Obispo Counties organized an impromptu rally on Wednesday during the lunch hour in front of the iconic Santa Barbara County Courthouse.  Inspired by Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s scathing dissent, the rally encouraged supports to #JointheDissent.  Organized in less than 24 hours, the Action Fund was able to mobilize more than 75 supporters to drop by and voice their displeasure with the Court’s ruling.  Local press covered the event and overall a clear message was sent that Santa Barbara stands for women’s reproductive rights!

Among the attendees was recently re-elected Action Fund Champion and Santa Barbara County Supervisor Janet Wolf; Goleta City Councilmember Paula Perotte; and retired Goleta Mayor and longtime Action Fund supporter and former employee Margaret Connell. 

Signs’ witty and sassy statements included:

  • “Honestly, we prefer Michael’s for our hobby needs #BoomRoasted #JointheDissent”
  • “Don’t tread on my IUD”
  • “The 1950s called and it wants its social policy back”
  • “99% of women use birth control, 100% of male bosses will never get pregnant”
  • “Hobby Lobby & 5 Justices don’t give a craft about women’s rights”

Rally SignsYou can take action online and Join the Dissent!

The rally was covered today in the Santa Barbara Independent:

"The controversy over the Supreme Court’s contraception-related ruling on Monday echoed to Santa Barbara on Wednesday, where about 40 people protested the decision outside the County Courthouse. Women and men, many wearing pink Planned Parenthood t-shirts, held signs on the sidewalk on Anacapa Street during the lunch hour, earning the supportive honks of passing cars.

The signs’ statements included: “The 1950s called and it wants its social policies back,” “99 percent of women have used birth control; 100 percent of male bosses will never get pregnant,” and “Hobby Lobby and five male justices don’t give a craft about women’s rights.” The group promoted the social media hashtag, #jointhedissent." - read the full article in the Santa Barbara Independent

Watch #JoinTheDissent on twitter, and take action online!

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