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Period Song Welcomes a New Period of Positivity

June 29, 2016 | Young Leaders, Sex Education
Period Song
  • “Ew, periods are disgusting.”
  • “Oh, she’s in a bad mood, it must be that time of the month…”
  • “That sucks you have your period.”

Negativity around periods is constant in mainstream culture and in my life.

As a sexual health educator with Planned Parenthood Los Angeles, I receive so many questions about the period from students who’ve been told it’s not OK to talk about it. Then, I hear negative comments from other students about how gross it is that we’re talking about periods.

When we always hear that periods are gross, having your period every month can start to feel like something to be ashamed of, rather than a normal, bodily process to understand and respect. I created this video because I think it’s important to approach our bodies and biological functions with respect, laughter, and positivity. 

Let’s change the messages we give to ourselves and others about periods and remember - we’re terrific!!!

I'm Terrific

Here's my new period theme song, "I'm Terrific"!

Posted by Melissa Strype on Thursday, June 2, 2016
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