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Doctors, nurses, PPAC all say No to Prop. 46

Group of health professionals.

Sample ballots are hitting the mailboxes of California voters this week. And you may be wondering how you’re going to vote on the various issues and candidates this November.

Proposition 46 is one of those measures that on first read may sound good, but it could have dire consequences for health care in California. Ask Dr. Ruth Haskins, an OB/GYN in Sacramento who strongly opposes the initiative.

“As a doctor and a caregiver, I think this is a terrible idea. If Proposition 46 were to pass, it would make it harder for patients to get access to the medical care they need – as well as drive up costs for everyone. This is a particular concern for me because I see numerous women with low incomes, as well as veterans and their wives and daughters.”
-- Dr. Ruth Haskins

Planned Parenthood Affiliate of California is also opposed to Prop 46 because it will adversely affect health care access, especially for services such as OB/GYN care. Our concern is that health care practitioners, especially obstetricians and pediatricians, would curtail or stop providing services because they wouldn’t be able to afford increased malpractice insurance premiums if Prop. 46 was passed. That would mean less care for everyone.

Read Dr. Haskins blog post on why she opposes Prop 46 on The Plus 1 Project site.

Check out the hundreds of groups that oppose Prop. 46 including doctors, nurses, teachers, local government and labor unions.

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