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Los Angeles and West Hollywood #StandWithPP!

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Los Angeles Resolution

Yesterday, while a small group of anti-abortion activists were protesting Planned Parenthood outside LA City Hall, several LA City Councilmembers presented a resolution to firmly state their support for Planned Parenthood. This resolution underscores our City leaders’ commitment to women’s health access, and formally opposes any efforts to defund Planned Parenthood.  We are so grateful to have the support from these champions!  


LA Resolution

West Hollywood Statement

Mayor Lindsey Horvath publicly declared her support for Planned Parenthood and women’s health access today. In the wake of recent attacks on Planned Parenthood, her statement sends a strong message denouncing the deceptive campaign that anti-abortion activists are waging.  The City of West Hollywood has a long history of standing up for women and fighting for reproductive justice; we are proud to have Mayor Horvath standing with Planned Parenthood today!


Statement | Mayor Lindsey P. Horvath —

 Planned Parenthood and Reproductive Healthcare for Women

July 29, 2015

“As the Mayor of the City of West Hollywood, I stand with Planned Parenthood as it endures the latest in a series of relentless assaults aimed at delegitimizing and defunding a vital and lifesaving resource for all women. For nearly a century, Planned Parenthood has stood with women — it is one of the most trusted providers and advocates of reproductive healthcare in the country. Make no mistake: the deceptive videos being circulated are just the latest chapter in the radical, anti-choice, anti-woman network’s playbook to cut women off from critical healthcare services like those provided at Planned Parenthood. I am deeply honored to serve as the Mayor of the nation’s first pro-choice city, where the entire city stands with women and fights for reproductive rights and freedom. West Hollywood is proud to be the home of a new Planned Parenthood health center and, rest assured, we will vigorously defend women’s access to pregnancy testing, birth control, vaccines, and comprehensive reproductive healthcare services within our city limits as well as beyond our borders. Next week, I will bring forward a Resolution at our City Council Meeting on August 3 to denounce these fraudulent attacks and affirm the City’s support for Planned Parenthood and reproductive choice.”

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