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Happy Halloween: Kicking off Get-Out-The-Vote weekend across California!

Halloween Costumes

What are we up to this Halloween? The spookiest thing we can think of is anti-women’s health politicians getting the chance to pass harmful policies, hurting Californian’s access to reproductive healthcare and medically-accurate sex education.

Don’t let anti-birth control policies and patronizing views of women from the 1950’s rise from the grave like zombies! The strongest weapon to defeat that kind of danger is the power of your VOTE.

With races neck-in-neck across California, hundreds of Planned Parenthood action fund volunteers along with staff are gearing up for a busy get-out-the-vote and voter education weekend. Can you join in? We’re still seeking additional volunteers, so hurry and sign up today. We’ve knocked on almost 5,000 doors to speak to voters in Assembly District 65 for women’s health champion Sharon Quirk-Silva and have many other important activities happening all across the state through Election Day!

Part of the work happening now in Congressional District 7 - educating voters about scary politicians like Doug Ose who would move healthcare access backward. You may have heard a new radio ad about women’s health champion Dr. Ami Bera – give it a listen (MP3 file)!

What about my local candidate?

With so many races on the ballot, we want to make sure you know about the PP Action Voter Guide – a reliable source with score information about where many candidates stand on women’s health issues such as abortion, birth control, and sex education. When voters understand the stark difference between candidates and where they stand on women’s health issues, it makes a huge difference.

In Congressional District 26, volunteers are going strong with canvassing (more than 3,000 doors knocked so far!) and phone banking to get the word out about champion Julia Brownley, a strong advocate for reproductive rights we can count on to protect a woman’s right to make personal, private medical decisions without government interference.

Scary HalloweenCheck out the PP Action Voter Guide (which includes polling place info!) and get set with your plan to vote – better yet, why not take several friends to the polls with you for safety in numbers since this year your vote will help stop the zombies of harmful policies past from haunting us in the coming year…

Have a spooky and safe Halloween,
Kristin at @PPActionCA

p.s. Do you have a Vote-By-Mail ballot? If you haven’t mailed it already then DON’T MAIL IT (it is too late to send in the mail and might not make it in time to be counted) instead, make sure your vote counts by locating a designated drop-off location or take the completed ballot to any Polling Place in your county on Election Day to turn in your Vote-by-Mail ballot so that it can be counted.

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