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The Funny Side of Hobby Lobby (Yes, there is one)

Why I use BC

It’s been three weeks since the Supreme Court’s Hobby Lobby decision that allowed corporations to deny coverage for birth control to their employees. I’ve poured over countless well-reasoned analyses of the decision, gnashed my teeth, posted my outrage and made efforts to #JointheDissent.

But sometimes you just gotta relax and let the humor of the situation shine through.

From the most recent Jon Stewart to Steven Colbert  -- Buzzfeed to Funny or Die, there’s been a tremendous and hilarioius response to the absurdity of a corporation being allowed to have a religious viewpoint.

I offer just a few of my “must reads”:

For those of you craft enthusiasts (now boycotting Hobby Lobby), there’s a great tumbl.r called “Crafty Contraceptives” with ideas of how to knit your own condoms and bling your IUDs. And if you are a DIY’er, check out Talking Points Memo’s ideas for six ways you can get crafty in your own Hobby Lobby protests.

And leave it to Buzzfeed to provide us with 22 reasons why birth control exists – a compendium of kid-inspired disaster photos AND a very poignant look at why 22 women take birth control – my #1 was “None of your business.”

But out of all the responses, I think my absolute favorites are the photos and posts lauding Justice Ruth “Notorious R.B.G” Ginsberg for her dissenting opinion to this obviously ridiculous decision. Check out photos of RBG’s responses to Supreme Court Mansplaining.

Do you have a favorite site? Let us know.

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