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California editorial writers call federal defunding attempts misogynistic, petty and punitive.

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Three of California’s major newspapers have editorialized in support of the services Planned Parenthood provides to more than 850,000 Californians each year and against efforts by Congress to prevent patients from choosing Planned Parenthood as their health care provider. The following is a roundup of those editorials.

The Sacramento Bee

"This crusade against Planned Parenthood in particular – and reproductive rights in general – is misogynistic, archaic and counterproductive. Good people can disagree on the morality of abortion, but women have had the right to choose for more than 40 years and polls show the vast majority of Americans want to keep it that way."


The Los Angeles Times

"This defunding measure is petty and punitive. It doesn’t improve the healthcare system, but makes it worse. It won’t save money. It serves the ideological beliefs of members of Congress, but at the expense of working-class and poor women seeking basic healthcare services."


The Mercury News

"The money is for health care, especially family planning, for nearly 3 million low-income women. It goes for 500,000 breast exams and 400,000 Pap tests a year, saving the lives of tens of thousands of women. It contributes greatly to stopping unintended pregnancies, which cost taxpayers more than $10 billion every year. Contraceptives substantially reduce the number of abortions, a value virtually all Americans share."


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