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We must give the CA attorney general the support she requires to stand up for all women

Jean Hastings Ardell

A year ago, I stood in front of Hoag Hospital in Newport Beach, my community hospital, to protest its decision to end elective abortions after it had affiliated with St. Joseph Health, a Roman Catholic hospital about 15 miles away. I stood there with my 17-year-old granddaughter, whose generation has no idea of what life was like for women before we secured control over our reproductive health.

I recalled my aunt, whose back-alley abortion in New York City during the Depression nearly killed her and ended her ability to bear children. I had always relied upon my local hospital for all of my health needs. Now, as I stood surrounded by men and women who also protested the decision and witnessed the virulence of the opposition -- young teenagers shrieking their message of hate – I fought back tears. A woman’s reproductive health is a private matter, or should be. It ought not be bandied about by politicians nor should health care be dictated by religious tenets.

We must give the California Attorney General the support she requires to stand up for all women. Support the passage of SB 1094.

Please join me in speaking out,
Jean Hastings Ardell

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