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A busy legislative year wrapped up at 2am!


After a very busy year, the California State Legislature adjourned August 31 at nearly 2am!

AB 1671

PPAC’s top priority bill Assembly Bill 1671, by Assemblymember Jimmy Gomez, seeks to protect the privacy and safety of health care providers. After much work, the bill is sitting on the Governor’s desk and awaits a signature.

AB 1671 is absolutely vital to preventing and deterring future attacks like the ones we saw last year where Planned Parenthood was the subject of a reckless smear campaign carried out by an anti-abortion extremist group. The bill provides a deterrent against extremist groups whose goal is to eliminate access to abortion and other reproductive health care in this country. AB 1671 is necessary to protect the privacy and safety of health care providers and ensure that there continues to be access to reproductive health care.

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SB 999

Another important piece of legislation that made it to the Governor’s desk is Senate Bill 999 by Senator Fran Pavley. This bill would require all health care service plans and health insurers to cover up to 12-months of FDA-approved self-administered hormonal contraceptives when dispensed at one time, rather than requiring patients to return to the pharmacy every 30 to 90 days for a refill.

SB 999 has the potential to significantly benefit women – improving consistent use and reducing unintended pregnancy dramatically. A recent review of SB 999 by the California Health Benefits Review Program shows that dispensing a 12-month supply of birth control at one time reduces a woman’s odds of having an unintended pregnancy by 30%, reduces unintended pregnancies in California annually by 15,000, and decreases a woman’s odds of needing an abortion by 46%.

This bill is a significant milestone in women’s access to birth control. Birth control is only effective when taken consistently. Women who receive a 12-month supply of contraceptives are more likely to take them as prescribed and therefore have a reduced risk of unintended pregnancy. When a woman has the ability to plan when to have children, it is beneficial to both her and the state.

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AB 701

Although there were 40 notable bills this year, we have space for just one more Planned Parenthood priority bill that awaits signing; Assembly Bill 701 by Assemblymember Cristina Garcia. This bill closes a loophole in California Law to reflect that any sexual penetration without consent must be considered rape.

This bill stems from a case occurring at Stanford University, where the perpetrator was able to walk free after only serving a 3-month sentence. This bill will allow for appropriate sentencing and most importantly, act as a deterrent to potential perpetrators who may otherwise receive a lighter sentence on a technicality. 

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The Big Picture

The priority bills that Planned Parenthood Affiliate of California supported this year have been part of a bigger picture. Our goal is to protect health care providers, expand access, and to preserve the legal right women have to a safe abortion.

Governor Brown has until September 30th to sign, veto, or take no action and allow bills to become law by default. PPAC continues its support and advocacy efforts in gaining a signature for these important bills!

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