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Be Bold


Is there a right way or a wrong way to get pregnant? To parent? To terminate that pregnancy?

If your pregnancy is planned, it can sometimes feel like it's all roses and sparkles and unicorns. But if that pregnancy is unintended, it can sometimes be saddled with assumptions, judgments, and stigma.

J. Parker Dockray, the executive director of Backline an all options pregnancy resource program, and Morgan Meneses-Sheets, a program manager for the Reproductive Health Technology Project, look at the myth and reality of pregnancy and come to the right conclusion that all women need to be supported, no matter what decision she makes. Their op-ed, “We Must Be Bold,” appears on the Website Truthout.

“Unfortunately, our society does not support every person and every community equally, and there are many obstacles in the way to achieving this vision.”

That’s why more than 50 organizations have come together on a road trip called Be Bold. It’s their hope to ignite conversation about the impact of restrictions on abortion care and “how we can best support people along all the paths that come with pregnancy and parenting.

Definitely worth a read.

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