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Every teen deserves accurate, life-saving information – ask Gov. Brown to sign AB 329.

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We’re at a pivotal moment for improving Sex Ed in California - the Legislature passed AB 329 and it is on governor Brown's desk awaiting action -- he can either sign the bill into law or veto it. If we get his signature then it will make dramatic improvements to ensure vital medically-accurate information is offered to all California youth and that programs are inclusive and respectful – urge him to sign the bill!

We need your help to show Governor Brown that Californian’s resoundingly support Sex Education. You can be assured that opponents of life-saving and medically accurate information will be sending in their opposition, so we need to make sure our voices are heard. California youth need accurate information to make healthy decisions about relationships, STD prevention, and birth control. It’s simple – click here to get your email of support in right now!


California teen, Romy:

“Students need to know that HIV and AIDS are still prevalent and do not attack you because of your sexual orientation or choice of drug. Students will be able to learn the truth if Assembly Bill 329 passes and school districts are mandated to provide medically accurate information.

Peer pressure and sexual harassment are a common problem in the teenage world that ironically does not get addressed by the adults that are supposed to be leading us through that exact world. AB 329 promises to provide a focus on healthy attitudes, healthy behaviors, and healthy relationships. This will make it so that this subject can no longer be skipped over with a feeling of taboo, but taught so that students learn it is not your responsibility to not be raped or harassed, for them to realize it is never the victim’s fault, and to know that communication is an important part to a happy, healthy relationship.

This is why I support The California Healthy Youth Act. We need to remove the shame and stigma from sexual health education. We need to stop utilizing scare tactics to educate teens on prevention. We need accurate and inclusive information. And that’s what the California Healthy Youth Act strives to provide.”

California teen, Quetzally:

“I knew someone who was in a horrible relationship; her boyfriend was very controlling and manipulative. She couldn’t go out anywhere without him. She couldn’t talk to no guys because her boyfriend would assume she’s cheating on him. He would sometimes pressure her into having sexual intercourse even though she wouldn’t want to. She believed it was normal and that eventually his bad habits will go away. It’s hard to believe that girls have grown a custom to being mistreated and be coerce. If she would have had Sex Ed I believe it would have prevented her from going through this horrible experience, and she might have ended her relationship much sooner than later.

This can apply to anyone or vice versa the girl can have those characteristic toward the guy she might be controlling and stalking. She might call him 40 times a day or worse, it is a shame that teens are unaware. I believe Sex Ed should be taught to inform teens about healthy behaviors to show them what’s normal. By informing teens about healthy relationships they will be fully aware if they are in a healthy relationship or not and it may reduce abusive relationships. Teens will be more inclined to choose a healthier relationship opposed to an unhealthy one.”

California teen, Isabel:

“When I got to high school I expected to have sexual education in my first year as a freshman.  Teenagers need to know everything so we can keep ourselves safe. But we didn’t get it. When we were taught about protecting ourselves, it was after the fact. People’s reactions consisted of things like, “I wish I had known that before,” or “They should have taught us that years ago.” When entering my junior year, I was so disappointed by the lack of sexual education that I talked to my school’s dean and asked when they were going to teach it. But they didn’t think it was overly important. They had bigger things to deal with.

It’s a BIG DEAL if you DON’T teach sexual education because an unintended pregnancy or an STD can change your life!”



AB 329 modernizes sex ed curriculum to include things like adolescent relationship abuse, sexual harassment, healthy attitudes, healthy relationships, STD prevention, and unintended pregnancy prevention, and requires instruction to be inclusive and respectful of students of all sexual orientations and genders.


California youth need accurate information to make healthy decisions about relationships, STD prevention, and birth control. Act now to urge Governor Brown to sign this important bill, AB 329, into law.

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