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7 Badass Non-Binary Artists To Keep Up With

November 24, 2017 | Young Leaders, LGBT

In today’s society, particularly among millennials and Generation Xers, art is regarded as a huge cornerstone of cultural progression. People tend to view progress as a broadening of the array of voices that are valued and represented in mainstream media. Nevertheless, those who are systemically oppressed still lack equitable representation and a fully recognized voice in popular culture and artistic spaces.

This is especially true for non-binary (NB) and genderfluid folx who experience a huge amount of erasure and harassment. As more folx in our society aim to broaden the cultural criteria for “mainstream” it is important to not simply accommodate but also elevate the voices of NB and gender non-conforming folx. As always, it is essential to support those who are underrepresented, especially when their voices can catalyze change in terms of how we view and accept different gender identities. When people start to support and accept the alternative, it paves a way for some of the most wonderful artistic and cultural dialogue. These dialogues create new ways of thinking and bring us ever closer to a more accepting, loving world.

As such, we have compiled a list of 7 creators—mostly writers—to follow and we hope you enjoy the work they create:

1. Paige Lewis

Paige is a poet, editor, and educator based in Tallahassee, Florida. In 2018, their book Reasons To Wake You will be available from Tupelo Press.


2. Caseyrenée Lopez

Caseyrenée is a writer, editor, and educator based in Virginia. They are the founder and editor-in-chief of Damaged Goods Press, a publishing house dedicated to elevating queer & trans voices. Both of their collections of poetry are available on their website.


3. Linette Reeman

Linette Reeman is a poet, touring performer, and graphic designer based in New Jersey. They are a multiple Pushcart Prize nominee and reigning Loser Slam Grand Slam Champion. Their book, WHEN WE BOTH SPOKE IN ALTARS, is available to order here.

4. Mud Howard

Mud Howard is a writer, performer, educator, and activist from Denver, CO. They currently curate PNK PRL and GLOW.



5. Jes Tom

Jes Tom is a comedian established n New York. They are an alum of Smith College and Maggie Flanigan Studio.



6. Jayy Dodd

Jayy Dodd is an LA-based, self proclaimed “blxk question mark”, writer, and artist. They are the author of Mannish Tongues and creator of the forthcoming short film, “Caliginous Lavender”. They have a Patreon, which you can support here.


7. Paul Tran

Paul—or Paula—Tran is a Vietnamese poet, editor, and educator. They have been featured in The Shade Journal, Button Poetry, The New Yorker, as well as others.

For creators who are NB and gender non-conforming:

We have compiled a list of 7 publications and platforms that are dedicated to elevating your voices. As well, if you are seeking even more queer and non-binary voices to follow, these places are a great place to start:

  1. Crab Fat Magazine
  2. PNK PRL zine
  3. Damaged Goods Press
  4. Winter Tangerine
  5. Monstering [this mag is specifically catered to amplify the voices of disabled women and NB folx]
  7. The Shade Journal [this publication is dedicated to elevating the voices of queer people of color]


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