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"My voice will make a difference." - 2016 Youth Power Summit Success

2016 Youth Power Summit

Millennials have become America's largest generation since the Baby Boomers, so 2016 is a big year for organizing and taking action on issues important to them. Just last month, California Planned Parenthood Education Fund (CPPEF) hosted a Youth Power Summit (YPS) in Northern California to provide a space for youth networking, learning, and taking action. 

Kira Goddard, a high school student from Eureka and one of many participants at this year's YPS, shares her experience below.

Kira's Story

My experience at the 2016 Youth Power Summit was beyond positive. I went into the summit with high hopes and expectations, considering I made the choice to make a six hour commute in order to attend. I was not the least bit disappointed. Not only did the summit cover women's reproductive health issues, but relatable and common issues as well, such as on-campus discrimination and racial discrimination regarding accessible and affordable health care, just to name a few.

This summit provided me with a large number of tools to deal with issues in my community. These tools include how to publicize one's issues and goals, campaign for them, and how to take action. We did a number of activities and trainings that prepared us for taking action and keeping our goals realistic. We set up goals and lists of issues that were important to us and developed plans of how we could take action on those issues.

These trainings benefited me by giving me confidence that I can truly make a difference, and that my passion and drive to fix a problem will help me in the process of taking action. This summit taught me that one voice can make a difference - and my voice will make a difference.

2016 Youth Power Summit

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