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2016 June Primary Voter Guide – just what you need to see where candidates stand!

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Do you vote at your polling place or via vote-by-mail? Whenever election season comes around, I always wait for my vote-by-mail ballot to arrive in my mailbox, and then watch out for the Planned Parenthood Action Fund Voter Guide to be released. Before you vote, you too can get the facts about where candidates rate on reproductive health and find out which candidates are endorsed on the Voter Guide!

Do our elected officials matter?

Each year dozens of public policies impacting reproductive health are introduced and voted on in the California legislature and in Congress. At the local level, school boards and city and county officials can impact key local decisions about things such as how sexual health education programs will be implemented and if new building permits for health centers happen smoothly or are held up with roadblocks and challenges.

Elections matter! When you cast your vote in the June Primary this year, I hope you make sure to reference the Voter Guide that Planned Parenthood Action Fund organizations in California have worked so hard to pull together for you. We pull all this information together so that you can get the facts on candidates and reproductive health and decide for yourself who to support!

How is the Voter Guide put together?

Many tools are used to try to best assess where candidates stand on reproductive health issues and determine the candidate’s voter guide rating and possible endorsement. These info-gathering tools include things like reviewing any past voting history on legislation, reviewing candidate questionnaire answers (these questionnaires cover many reproductive health topics including abortion, birth control, and sexual health education), and even candidate interviews in some cases.

Putting together the voter guide information is handled by non-partisan Planned Parenthood advocacy 501(c)(4) organizations that were created to educate the public about issues related to reproductive health and freedom and help elect candidates in support of reproductive healthcare access.

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