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Investing in Medi-Cal infrastructure is CRITICAL

Kathy Kneer speaks.

Health care providers like Planned Parenthood face “fiscal cliff” due to antiquated reimbursement rates, record number of new Medi-Cal patients.

We are disappointed with the governor’s State Budget proposal which, once again, fails to recognize antiquated reimbursement rates within the Medi-Cal system. It is wrong to assume that the state can continue to serve increased Medi-Cal enrollment on reimbursement rates from the 1980s.

Our state has earned national recognition for increasing access to affordable health care as evidenced by the record number of Californians who have signed up for Covered California or enrolled in expanded Medi-Cal. But, how do people get the care they need if there aren’t enough doctors and nurses to provide it?

To sustain this kind of growth, California must make a meaningful investment in Medi-Cal infrastructure and that starts with restoring the cut made to Medi-Cal reimbursement rates in 2011. We also need to make up, with state dollars, the funding California lost when Congress discontinued the enhanced primary care rate contained in the Affordable Care Act – an enhancement made to ensure there was adequate access to primary care providers.

The ongoing reimbursement rate cut along with the discontinuation of the primary care rate enhancement will have a devastating impact on all Medi-Cal providers.

California ranks 48th in the nation in the reimbursement rates paid to Medi-Cal providers. These include safety-net providers like community clinics and Planned Parenthood health centers which are now on a financial cliff. With a record number of new enrollees entering the system, we no longer have the financial capacity to sustain current services let alone meet the growing need. Something must be done. Now.

We want to thank Assembly Speaker Toni Atkins and Senate Pro Tem Kevin DeLeón for their vocal support of ensuring Medi-Cal has adequate funds to meet the demand. When we invest in health care, we invest in creating the healthiest generation of Californians.

Recent News on Medi-Cal in the Budget

January 8: LA Times Article

“Restoring that money, which was $300 million last year, would help ensure that poor Californians receive the healthcare they have been promised, said Assembly Speaker Toni Atkins (D-San Diego).

"The program is only going to be successful if we're able to have the providers who will provide the service for all the people that are enrolling in Medi-Cal," she said. "We've got to cover the cost of providing the service." Read full article>>

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