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Youth Organizing and Policy Institute: Power Tour

YOPI Attendee Group 2014

The goal of PPAF’s Power Tour is to teach young progressives how to use their voice. They accomplish this by giving young people the opportunity the gather with likeminded members of their communities to learn together how they can create palpable change.

This is important work. Many young people do not vote or feel like their voice matters. The Power Tour teaches youth that they can make a difference. Through intensive workshops, attendees learn how to use their voice, create power, make a strategic goal, work as a team, and have fun while doing so. Specifically at this past Power Tour in Washington State, my team from San Diego decided our goal was to help elect a congressman who supports women's reproductive healthcare access. There were at least a dozen other teams from multiple states forming their own strategies and goals on how to create change in their communities. The larger picture is that teams of young, strong, educated, progressive people are working hard all over the country to expand access to reproductive health, to stabilize support for reproductive healthcare access, and to create Planned Parenthood Generation Action campus groups.

The result of the Power Tour is that all over the country, young people have been mobilized, enlightened, and empowered.

YOPI Attendee Group 2014

Because of the Power Tour, waves of change towards reproductive equality and safety are rising and crashing in communities all over the country. A sea of progressive youth supporting women's reproductive healthcare access has been called to action.

In action,
Jennifer V. Kulka, young activist

p.s. Are you in the San Diego area too? Get involved by filling out the volunteer sign-up form for the Planned Parenthood Pacific Southwest Action Fund, and no matter where in California you live, you can always sign up to stay informed by joining the email list.

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