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Letters delivered to Governor Brown!

Letters Delivered to Governor

Earlier today, Planned Parenthood Affiliates of California delivered more than three hundred letters to Governor Brown urging him to sign our priority bills into law! These bills cover a wide array of issues to better increase health care access and expand women’s health services, something that will benefit millions of women and men across the state and in Planned Parenthood health centers. 

SB 1053

SB 1053 by Senator Holly Mitchell is a critical bill for women in California. If we’ve learned anything over the past couple of years, it is that all birth control is not created equal. This is true with respect to how an individual reacts to different types of contraceptive methods, but also what gets covered in our health insurance plans. Despite the intent of the Affordable Care Act’s contraceptive mandate, not all forms of birth control are being covered by health plans, resulting in imposed cost, delays and denial of coverage for some women. SB 1053 seeks to rectify this flaw in the system and ensure women in California have access to the full range of contraceptive methods approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Do you want to make sure you have access to your birth control method of choice? Then don’t forget to tweet at  @JerryBrownGov to urge him to sign SB 1053 into law!

SB 1094

SB 1094 by Senator Ricardo Lara will increase the review period and the Attorney General’s authority over hospital mergers. This is acutely pertinent in the ever-changing health care landscape, particularly as Catholic hospitals merge with non-religious hospitals. During these types of mergers, reproductive health services ranging from vasectomies to abortions are the first thing to go. By providing additional time for the AG to review a merger, and having the ability to make sure the conditions set in the merger are adhered to, we will not only protect reproductive health services but more broadly ensure continued health care access in communities that experience the merger of local hospitals.

Make sure to protect your communities by tweeting at @JerryBrownGov to let him know how much you support SB 1094.

Take a closer look at additional bills we are urging Governor Brown to sign into law:

PPAC Team Letter DeliveryAB 1841 by Assemblymember Kevin Mullin would permit medical assistants to hand over pre-packaged and pre-labeled medication, allowing our health center staff to meet with more patients, reduce wait times, and increase access to care.

AB 1755 by Assemblymember Jimmy Gomez will improve California’s patient notification requirements for breaches of medical information, which is critical in the safety net settings that serve the increasing Medi-Cal population and the remaining uninsured.

AB 2051 by Assemblymembers Lorena Gonzalez and Raul Bocanegra will streamline Medi-Cal enrollment process, thereby allowing new health center facilities to open their doors more quickly and begin providing needed health care services to the individuals and families in their communities.

AB 809 by Assemblymember Dan Logue will expand the use of telehealth throughout the health care delivery system, ensuring patients access to telehealth care from their smart phones and computers. 

AB 1517 by Assemblymember Skinner will increase the number of rape kits that are analyzed in the state of California and will encourage the upload of that information into a national database. This is a huge step forward in uncovering the evidence needed to provide justice for victims of sexual assault.

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