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Samantha's Story

My name is Samantha G. and I have a Medi-Cal story I’d love to tell. As the daughter of farmworkers, I grew up knowing how difficult it was to access health care. So I was really happy when I qualified for Medi-Cal – to me it meant the ability to take charge of my health and to do the things I needed to do to be healthy and happy.

Art that Saves Lives

Planned Parenthood Northern California is proud to partner with THE MEDEA PROJECT: THEATER FOR INCARCERATED WOMEN on “Birthright?” presented by Brava! For Women in the Arts and Cultural Odyssey.

Cocktails for a Cause

If you are frustrated with the harmful policies impacting women’s health across the country, you aren’t alone. This year, California Planned Parenthood Education Fund is providing a new opportunity for young professionals in Sacramento to show their support for Planned Parenthood.

2015 Birds and Bees Bash

On March 14 Planned Parenthood Santa Barbara, Ventura, and San Luis Obispo Counties held the Birds and Bees Bash at the Coral Casino.

Planned Parenthood’s CA Affiliates Advocate at the Nation’s Capitol

Last week, Planned Parenthood affiliates from all over the country converged on the nation’s capitol for Planned Parenthood’s National Conference.

Sen. Feinstein stood up for women’s rights on the U.S. Senate floor

When Texas Sen. John Cornyn tried to corner California Sen. Dianne Feinstein on why she no longer supports a bill that she co-sponsored -- a human trafficking bill where Republicans are attempting a sneak attack to restrict abortion -- Sen. Feinstein stood up for women’s rights on the U.S. Senate floor.

Crisis Pregnancy Centers: First Resort, Inc. v. Herrera

For a person facing unintended pregnancy and unsure what to do, sympathetic advertising about “crisis” support through the full range of options may provide reassurance and a deep emotional draw. But there is one type of clinic on the rise in California that rarely follows through on this advertised promise: anti-abortion crisis pregnancy centers (CPCs).
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