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We must give the CA attorney general the support she requires to stand up for all women

A woman’s reproductive health is a private matter, or should be. It ought not be bandied about by politicians nor should health care be dictated by religious tenets. We must give the California Attorney General the support she requires to stand up for all women. Support the passage of SB 1094.

Speaking up for SB 1094

As the healthcare landscape changes, hospitals are merging, affiliating, and developing other innovative relationships to survive and compete. These transactions can result in the elimination or reduction of critical services, so it is more important than ever that the Attorney General has the power to ensure the community’s access to care is not restricted.

Refugees and Reproductive Health

Explore research on the health needs of refugees and displaced people from Guttmacher Policy Review.

Take the San Francisco Pledge!

Protesters across the United States -- including right here in San Francisco -- have been emboldened by a U.S. Supreme Court decision in June striking down patient protection zones in front of health centers.

The Funny Side of Hobby Lobby (Yes, there is one)

It’s been three weeks since the Supreme Court’s Hobby Lobby decision that allowed corporations to deny coverage for birth control to their employees. I’ve poured over countless well-reasoned analyses of the decision, gnashed my teeth, posted my outrage and made efforts to #JointheDissent.

CA Senator Barbara Boxer stands up for birth control

Champion for women’s health, Senator Barbara Boxer, published an important blog piece in the Huffington Post this week related to her floor speech where she voiced her strong support of equality for women in health care coverage.

Buffer Zone: Perspective from Beth Parker

In case you missed this week’s article in the Daily Journal written by Beth Parker, Chief Legal Counsel at Planned Parenthood Affiliates of California, here are some key quotes as she shares her insight on the Supreme Court’s recent Buffer Zone ruling.
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