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40 Days of Freedom

During February 18 – March 29, the “40 Days for Life” campaign, an anti-women’s health campaign, will be targeting Planned Parenthood health centers with judgment and misinformation. Anti-women’s health activists plan to protest outside Planned Parenthood health centers and at times can threaten patient safety, and put health center staff in compromising situations.

In response to the anti-campaign, the Community Action Fund is holding a 40 Days of Freedom campaign. A campaign where our 40 days of life is a celebration of reproductive freedom, rather than an effort to bully Planned Parenthood from providing high-quality family planning services.

Please help us send a message to protestors — even in the face of intimidation and threats, Planned Parenthood will continue to provide high-quality family planning services. Donate today to our 40 Days of Freedom campaign!

About Community Action Fund of Planned Parenthood of Orange and San Bernardino Counties

The Community Action Fund is the political arm of Planned Parenthood of Orange and San Bernardino Counties. It's an independent, nonprofit, and nonpartisan organization dedicated to protecting and expanding individual rights to reproductive choice and access to family planning. The Community Action Fund raises funds in support of progressive candidates that value access to affordable reproductive health services and comprehensive sexual health education.

The Community Action Fund supports reproductive rights and health care services by:

  • Direct and grassroots lobbying of elected officials at all levels of government
  • Making endorsements and contributions to endorsed candidates at all levels of government
  • Implementing independent expenditure and field campaigns for endorsed candidates
  • Mobilizing and educating voters about issues important to reproductive health care
  • Organizing community partners and advocates in support of women’s health issues
  • Electing and training pro-comprehensive sexual health school board members and candidates
  • Defeating dangerous anti-reproductive health care initiatives in California and other states

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