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An Interview with Karam: Registering to vote is easy, but the job can be hard.

Karam shares why voter registration matters to her as a woman of color and what she is doing to empower Californians to register to vote before the state deadline of October 24th.

Planned Parenthood wins first round of lawsuit

A federal judge rules in favor of Planned Parenthood as he refuses to dismiss a lawsuit filed against the creators of a reckless and malicious video smear campaign against the health care organization.

40 years later and politicians are still denying women's health coverage

September 30, 2016, marked 40 years since the passage of the Hyde Amendment, which denies coverage of abortion care for patients who rely on Medicaid.

Classes are Back and Students should learn that Yes Means Yes

The end of September marks the first week of classes for undergrads at Stanford -- where former student Brock Turner will not be returning after being convicted of raping a young woman last year behind a dumpster on campus after a booze-fueled party.

2016 Voter Guide – just what you need to see where candidates stand on reproductive health issues!

Before and while you vote, get the facts about where your candidates stand on reproductive health and find out which candidates are endorsed on the 2016 Voter Guide!

It's National Voter Registration Day - Are you registered?

One voter registration staff member shares why it's important to vote, emphasizing that YES your voice matters, and YES you deserve to be heard.

A win for women: Governor Brown signs SB 999 into law!

In September of 2016, Gov. Brown signed SB 999 into law, the bill allowing pharmacists to dispense up to a year supply of birth control at one time, and also requiring health plans to cover up to that 12-month supply of birth control.

Hispanic Heritage Month

This Hispanic Heritage Month of Action, California Planned Parenthood Education Fund will be on the ground registering members of the Latinx community to vote to make sure their voices are heard on election day regardless of their background, beliefs, or political ideology.

Planned Parenthood activists send 1,000 letters urging Governor to sign bill to protect privacy, safety of health care providers

Planned Parenthood Affiliates of California delivered close to 1,000 letters today to Gov. Brown from supporters of legislation which would protect doctors and other health care professionals from threats and violence.

A busy legislative year wrapped up at 2am!

After a very busy year, the California State Legislature adjourned on August 31 at nearly 2am with AB 1671, SB 999, and AB 701 all making the cut for bills headed to the Governor's desk.

Voting, then and now.

Being able to raise your voice and VOTE matters. Read Kristin's story about why voting is special to her.

Justice for Young Families

Young families deserve support and respect, but are often hurt by and excluded from societal stereotypes of normal, acceptable forms of parenthood. California Latinas for Reproductive Justice's recently expanded Justice for Young Families Initiative aims to eliminate the stigma against teen pregnancy.

Rape on the Night Shift: Ya basta!

Trigger warning: sexual harassment and assault There's a new documentary called "Rape on the Night Shift" out, highlighting the importance of passing AB 1978 to develop comprehensive sexual harassment training materials for janitorial employers.

Bill protecting doctors, health providers from violence and harassment moves to Governor

The California Legislature took a bold move Wednesday night to protect the privacy and safety of doctors and other health care providers by passing AB 1671 (Gomez).

AB 1671 (Gomez): Legislature considers bill to protect Planned Parenthood health center doctors from threats, violence

California legislature will vote today on a bill that will help protect reproductive health care doctors from threats and violence – the kind of attacks that were generated last year by an anti-abortion front group that launched an internet smear campaign against Planned Parenthood.
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